Raquel Willis


BGD Podcast was a podcast all about current events, pop culture and whatever the hell else was happening on social media discussed from a dope intersectional lens. Host Raquel Willis and the illustrious guests of the week used hilarity and insight to give you everything you need.

Host Raquel Willis is joined by Activist Elle Hearns to discuss writer and feminist Chimamanda Adichie's comments about transgender women and to explore the ways trans women are resisting in the Age of Trump.

3.2.17: Save Ben Carson From the Sunken Place!

Host Raquel Willis and guest Blair Imani discuss Get Out, International Women's Day and Emma Watson vs. Beyoncé.

Host Raquel Willis talks The Grammys, Adele and Beyoncé, The Superbowl and Elizabeth Warren with guest Nnennaya Amuchie.

Host Raquel Willis and guest Renee Bracey Sherman unpack the Women's March, Emmett Till's accuser and Trump's SCOTUS Pick.

In our first episode of 2017, host Raquel Willis and guest Jamie Necbitt Golden of Hood Feminism discuss Trump attacking John Lewis, Steve Harvey hating on Asian Men, the Black Church unlearning homophobia and celebrate Trap Music.